Robin Hahnel presents a vision for an alternative economic system known as Participatory Economics. The talk was held in December 2014 in London and was hosted by Participatory Economics UK.

Robin Hahnel is an economist and political activist. He was Professor Emeritus in economics at American University in Washington, D.C and at Portland State University. He is co-creator, along with Michael Albert, of participatory economics, also known as parecon for short. His work has been focused on economic justice and democracy, and the global financial and ecological crisis. His website is –

An introduction to Participatory Economics

Growing numbers of people are coming to the realisation that many of the problems and injustices that we face in our world today, such as climate change, increasing inequality, alienation, war, and more, are predictable outcomes of an economic system that is based on exploitation and greed. But what might a more desirable alternative economic system look like, beyond vague ideals and flowery language?

Participatory Economics is a model for a new economy that describes how workers and consumers in a modern society could go about organising production, consumption and distribution in a way that is consistent with economic justice, democracy and ecological sustainability. The model has been informed by the last century of thought and experimentation around the idea that workers and consumers should co-operatively manage the economy rather than be forced to compete against one another or be ruled by an economic elite.

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